Cordero Stephens aka Partyallwknd

Cordero Stephens aka Partyallwknd

C.O.O / Producer

Partyallwknd, the DJ Filmmakin’ rockstar himself. This on-the-rise DJ hails from the Midwest,

representing Motown and by way of Louisville, KY. Being from a military family was a huge

influence on him, exposed to different sounds and a variety of genres, its reflected in his sets. At

14, he wrote a comedic play for his church, lampooning his church members. And at age 18, he

picked up his first turntable and begin DJing. He went on to DJ and promote high school and

college parties. By 25, he became the Owner and Operating Manager of a nightclub called, The

Kickback Hookah Bar. The experience left him broke and discouraged from the night life. He

moved back to KY, only to find himself longing for entertainment. He rebranded himself

Partyallwknd in 2015, and havent look back. Since then. He released several mixtapes (most of

which were what he coined ‘Flicktapes’ movie-style mixtapes, wrote and released two short films

as well as his Feature Film, Frat House: A College Party Movie in 2019. He even spawned a

music video show called, Techniqolor which can be watched on YouTube. He often states when

He DJ, he doesn’t see music, he sees colors. And he plans to continue coloring and providing

entertainment for the rest of his days, while taking us deeper into his ‘Party World’.