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Hype!Vision Studios specializes in comedic, black conscience material through the use of humor and music. We love telling our stories, our way and unapollogetically. 

Rodney Cox

C.E.O / Producer

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Cordero Stephens

C.O.O / Producer

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Episode Purple: “Welcome to Dreamville”

Episode Yellow “Heyyy Mrs Carter”

Episode Blue “The Marathon Continues”

Episode Black “Meet the Browns”

Episode Red: “Red Light Special”

Episode Orange “Odd Future”

Episode 8 “TechniQolor Bars”

Episode 9 “Endgame”

Frat House: A College Party Movie 


Two Friends make their way to an epic house party on campus. Along the way, they run into a dangerous fraternity member who may not only cost them their night, but their friednship and even their lives. Join them as they head to the Frat House!

If Money Bled 

Follow a man as he struggles with his past, present and future in this powerful short film from Micheal Gastrost 

Late Night with Eli Rambell

A man is infected with the Zombie virus and goes on national television for help… only to find out it wasn’t the help he needed. Check out this comical short film from Andrena Senola Johnson

The Vault 

The Admission Lady 2016
Get introduced to Truu University in this Retro Admission Video from the school where Frat House takes place.
Badd: A College Party Short 2017
Step inside the early days of the party world, way before Frat House: A College Party Movie. We follow Brandy as she goes to a house party with her homegirls. It’s Friday night, and its the perfect night to be badd! 

Calling Tryone Web Series 2014

Join us as we revisit the hilarious 2014 web series, ” Calling Tyrone”. Written and directed by Hype!Visions own, Rodney Cox.

Calling Tyrone S01E01

Calling Tyrone S01E02

Calling Tyrone S01E03

Calling Tyrone S01E04

Calling Tyrone S01E05

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